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Curious about Paddy Campbell’s Black Cab Tours?


No deposit is needed. We will confirm with you personally either over the phone or through e-mail and you pay the driver in cash (pounds sterling).

We have a pickup/drop-off free policy as long as you are in the city centre.
However, if you are outside the city centre a small taxi fare charge is added. We have set fares so it is not charged as much as it would be on a taxi meter.

We have two types of tours with different price ranges. Click Here for our price breakdown.


As of now, we are recommending that you have no more than 4 people in your cab if you have booked a Beyond Belfast tour, this note goes particularly to those coming off the cruise ships. This allows for more comfort while you are traveling and will give you more room to relax during the drive, as the journey can be a round trip of up to 180 miles. If you have more than 4 people that want a tour we can provide multiple taxis traveling in a convoy. However, if you feel comfortable enough then pile in!

In the back of the cab, three people would sit on the back seat, as you would in a normal car, and there are also two pull-down seats that face towards the back. There are two large windows on either side plus the large rear windscreen. There is also a clear partition between the passengers and the drivers’ cab allowing you to be able to look out the front window, allowing for maximum viewing all around. Each of the cabs is fitted with an intercom system so you and your driver will be able to converse with one another at ease.

The majority of our cabs are London-style black taxis, in different colours and models. These can each seat up to 6 passengers. We also have a number of 7-seater cabs.

We run 7 days a week 9 am – 5:30/6 pm. However earlier/later times can be discussed depending on circumstances.


To avoid disapointment, if you require a tour on short notice, please call the number provided.