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Pick up points

We collect our guests from anywhere in the city centre for free. Whether this is at your accommodation or elsewhere. We pick up and drop off free within the city centre limit and if you are outside this it would just simply be the taxi fare to get you here and this would be on the taxi metre. If you are unsure of where you will be- no problem. As long as you have your time slot booked, you can call us ahead of time and let us know where you are and the driver will meet you there.

If you are driving in and are unfamiliar with the city, we can provide you with the details to a suitable city centre car park where you can park your car and meet the driver there.

If you are travelling by public transport, we can meet you at either station. We do offer airport collections and drop offs in conjunction with our tours (during working hours) there would be an additional cost with these, and you can discuss this when booking your trip.

Booking and Cancellations

Our tours can be booked by phone and email only!

Social media and other messaging platforms are used for promotional means, so all contact is directed to the two options above.

It is recommended that you book your tours ahead of time to avoid disappointment and to ensure your preference of time.

If you are looking for a tour on short notice (-24/48 hours) you MUST call directly to book. In the event that we are delayed in getting to our mail we don’t want our guests to miss out on a great tour.

If you have difficulty with calling, staff or hosts at your accommodation will be more than happy to help and call on your behalf and if you are out in the city, any tourist office and attraction will have a customer or guest service desk who will also assist. You just pass them our contact number and they will do the rest for you 

If for any reason you need to cancel the tour, that is absolutely no problem. If something arises that prevents you from taking our tour, all we ask is that you let us know as soon as you do, especially if it’s on very short notice just call directly. There is no cancellation fee and you don’t even have to give us a reason, just keep us informed so we can redirect your intended driver and send him elsewhere.


All of our tours are paid cash (pounds sterling) in full at the end of the tour. If needed our driver will be more than happy to bring you to an ATM. If you have an international card, just check with your bank before you leave that they have placed no restrictions on your card so there should be no issues for your withdrawing cash rather than just charging. If the card will only work with a certain bank, let the driver know at the start of the tour so he can make sure we have a local branch in the city. Most importantly, we do not ask for deposits for any of our trips. You pay the driver at the end when you are satisfied with your trip.

Vehicles and Drivers

We have quite a few different types of cabs working with us. We have a range of London-Style black cabs (in a handful of assorted colours) and we also have a number of larger 7-8 seater cabs, including Mercedes, Ford and VW models. So it would be a lottery of what cab you will get for your tour, if you would prefer a certain cab for whatever reason, mobility issues, comfort or for just the novelty of an iconic vehicle, please feel free to let us know when booking and we will do all we can to make it happen. We would note that all our cabs are wheelchair accessible, they must be by law, so if you have any additional requirements just let us know.

For any of our day tours we would not recommend any more than 4 people travelling in the cab giving you plenty of room in the back.

All of our drivers are local men who have grown up through the Troubles and have their own experiences and stories to tell during the tour. You will see thousands of reviews of how knowledgeable, kind and funny they are. Being from Belfast, they are made of tougher stuff and have very thick skins. So all questions are encouraged and no question is off limits.

We would like to take a moment to mention a Zero Tolerance policy we have put into effect. Firstly, we and our drivers are here to give you the best time we can, and our driver will strive to deliver the most informative tour possible. The tour and the history of the city deals with some very sensitive and rather controversial content and affects people from many different backgrounds in the community and even internationally. We would ask that our guests be respectful while on our tour. There is plenty of time for some healthy debate which is always welcomed but any unnecessary and inappropriate behaviour, such as racism or sectarianism directed at the driver or anyone else in the vicinity of the cab, may result in the driver recommending that the guest end the tour.


To avoid disapointment, if you require a tour on short notice, please call the number provided.